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UCCE Master Food Preservers of Sacramento County


Food Safety and Preservation Resources

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Food preservation resources

  • The National Center for Home Food Preservation provides current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation:
    Pressure canning

    • How do I can?  Safe home canning methods explains how to economically and safely preserve high quality fruit, vegetables and nuts at home.
    • How do I freeze foods?  Most foods can be frozen, but not all foods freeze well.   Proper freezing techniques offers specifics for selecting, preparing and freezing a large variety of foods to maintain quality and flavor.
    • How do I dry foods?  Drying or dehydrating is one of the oldest known methods for preserving foods, and dehydrating fruits, vegetables, herbs and jerky explains how to easily do this at home. 
      Fruit and veggies
    • How do I pickle foods?  Pickling fruits and vegetables describes how to make many types of vegetable and fruit pickles and fermented products.
    • How do I make jams and jellies?  Making jams and jellies gives tips and specifics for making these thickened or jellied fruit products, as well as conserves, preserves, marmalades, butters and other types of preserved fruit.
  • Seasonal tips from the National Center for Home Preservation offers suggestions for preserving foods at home during different seasons of the year.
  • Publications from the National Center for Home Food Preservation include fact sheets and a variety of recipes and food preservation instructions.
  • Food storage information offers guidelines from several sources for properly storing canned, dehydrated and frozen foods.

Food safety resources

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service provides over 50 fact sheets about topics such as safe food handling, meat and poultry preparation, foodborne illness and disease, and emergency preparedness.

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